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Turning Your Mouse into a Laser Pointer
Figure 19-17 Saved annotations are converted into drawing objects and saved on each slide.
Once annotations are saved, you can work with them the same way you work with shapes you
add in Normal view.
Turning Your Mouse into a Laser Pointer
New in PowerPoint 2010 is the ability to change your mouse pointer into something that
resembles a laser pointer. This option works in both Slide Show view and Reading view, and
it is probably best used when you’re presenting to a large audience, because it allows you
to point out something on a slide without drawing on the slide or annotating it.
You need to drive with two hands to show the laser pointer; hold Ctrl and click (and hold)
the left mouse button. Once you release the mouse button, your mouse pointer returns
to normal. Although this feature works well and does cause your mouse pointer to mimic
a laser pointer, it can be cumbersome because it forces you to use the keyboard and the
mouse together.
By default, the laser pointer color is red. This can be changed in the Set Up Show dialog
box, which you reach by clicking the Set Up Slide Show option on the Slide Show tab.
Working with Presenter View
Consider this scenario: You’re standing in front of a large audience getting ready to make
your presentation when suddenly you can’t remember exactly what you were going to say.
What if you forget to mention an important point? And what are all those shortcut key
combinations for moving through a presentation? It’s a lot to remember.
This is where Presenter view can help. When Presenter view is enabled, you can show your
audience the presentation in Slide Show view (on the projector or a second monitor) while
you see your slides and notes on your screen, with quick access to annotation tools and
slide-show shortcuts. This way, you can refer to your notes while presenting, but the
audience never knows the difference—all they see is Slide Show view. To start, you need to have
your computer hooked up to a secondary monitor. Then, be sure your system is set up to
extend your display to that second monitor. Finally, enable the Use Presenter View option
on the Slide Show tab and select the presentation monitor from the Show On list, as shown
in Figure 19-18.
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