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Figure 19-19 Presenter view offers a behind-the-scenes look at your slides and speaker notes
and access to slide-show tools.
Slide show tools:
Previous, Pointer options, Slide Show options, Next
Just below the slide is a set of control buttons. Use the arrows to move to the next or
previous slide in the presentation. When you click the pen, you access the same pointer options
you do from the shortcut menu in Slide Show view. The Slide Show button displays the
items on the shortcut menu that allow you to move to different slides and sections.
In Presenter view, you can also use the slide thumbnails along the bottom of the window to
jump to a slide. This is helpful when you have a particularly interactive audience that forces
you to jump through your presentation topics in a nonlinear fashion.
At the bottom of the speaker notes pane, there’s a small Help button. When the button is
clicked, pertinent slide show keyboard shortcuts are displayed. Just as with the shortcut
menus, the audience won’t see this Help dialog box pop into view.
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