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Turning Your Mouse into a Laser Pointer
INSIDE OUT Enable a second monitor for Presenter view
If you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can quickly switch between monitor
configurations by pressing Windows logo key+P, which opens the window shown next. Use
the arrow keys to select the option you want and then press Enter, or simply click an
And if you’re using a portable computer, you have another interesting option: press
Windows logo key+X to open Windows Mobility Center.
When you turn on presentation settings, power-saving features are disabled so that
your computer stays awake. Even better, system notifications are turned off, so your
presentation won’t be interrupted when someone sends you an instant message or
your antivirus program thinks it needs to be updated— now!
After your presentation is finished, you can close Presenter view like you close any other
window. Then, when you move back to a one-monitor setup, disable Presenter view by
clearing the option on the Slide Show tab.
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