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Printing Notes
Printing Notes
Although the speaker notes are intended for the presenter, that doesn’t mean you can’t
print the notes pages for your audience. It’s actually not a bad idea. You can add a lot of
formatted content to the speaker notes area, including graphics. But before you print your
notes, consider whether Presenter view might work as well. In Presenter view, you still have
access to all your speaker notes, but you won’t kill a tree printing them.
To print notes pages, from the menu shown in Figure 19-20, select Notes Pages.
To learn how to customize your notes page, see “Customizing Other Masters” on page 669.
Printing Handouts
When you print notes pages, you have only one option. But nine different print layout
options are available for handouts. Printed handouts are designed mostly as takeaways for
your audience, and the layouts provide varying numbers of slide thumbnails per page.
Figure 19-21 shows the 3 Slides handout layout.
Figure 19-21 The 3 Slides layout also prints a series of blank lines next to each slide thumbnail,
providing a handy place for your audience to record handwritten notes during your presentation.
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