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Adjusting Color Options
To print handouts, from the menu shown in Figure 19-20, select one of the layouts under
Adjusting Color Options
Most presentations contain a lot of color. Color is used not only in graphics, but also in the
background color from applied design themes. The problem is that you don’t always want
to print using that much ink—particularly on a color printer that consumes expensive ink,
like a Hummer burning gasoline. You can lower your print costs by not printing in color.
You can do that by displaying the Print tab in Backstage view, and then choosing an option
from the last button under Settings.
To preserve your color ink, change the print setting to Grayscale or Pure Black And White.
Figure 19-22 shows a comparison of the same slide printed in color (it’s printed in this topic
with only black ink, but you can see which colored elements print), grayscale, and pure
black and white.
Pure black and white
Figure 19-22 Use the Grayscale and Pure Black And White print options to print without
showing all of the presentation’s design and theme colors and elements.
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