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Adjusting Color Options
If the selected printer does not print color, the preview image on the Print tab appears
in grayscale even when Color is selected. However, all theme elements and
backgrounds are included—much like the “color” image shown in Figure 19-22.
Printing in Grayscale changes theme elements to shades of gray and removes slide
backgrounds. Printing in Pure Black And White removes all theme elements and prints slide text
in black on a plain, white background. The preview image on the Print tab shows what you
can expect to see when the paper comes out of the printer.
INSIDE OUT Customize color mapping
Some color combinations that look great on a color monitor lack contrast—and
therefore legibility—when they’re reduced to grayscale or black and white. With a bit of
tinkering, you can control how individual colors and objects print when you are not
printing in color. To do that, start on the View tab, and in the Color/Grayscale group,
click Grayscale or Black And White. That displays a preview image, but unlike the
preview on the Print tab in Backstage view, this one is fully editable. A new tab also
appears (either Grayscale or Black And White, matching the option you click), as shown
in Figure 19-23. You can click an object on a slide and then click the way you want that
object to print when you select Grayscale or Pure Black And White on the Print tab.
Figure 19-23 Use the Grayscale or Black And White option on the View tab to see how
the presentation looks when printed, and to adjust the way colors map to shades of gray.
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