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Chapter 20: PowerPoint 2010 Inside Out
PowerPoint Broadcast Service might allow more than 50 viewers and might require
different logon credentials.) The people you broadcast to view your presentation in their default
web browser, so they don’t need PowerPoint 2010 or even the free PowerPoint Viewer to
see your presentation. They need only an active Internet connection.
For example, you can create a photo album of a recent trip and then send a link via e-mail
to your grandmother. All she needs to do is click the link, and your slide show is displayed
on her computer in her web browser. You can share the photos while talking to her on the
phone about the trip. You can, of course, use a similar approach when making
presentations to other audiences; they, too, will appreciate the simplicity.
Sharing a Presentation with Others
In this chapter we describe three different methods for sharing a presentation. Which
one you use depends on many factors, including the location and technical acumen of
the people you want to share with and whether you want them to be able retain, reuse,
and edit your presentation. Table 20-1 summarizes the key differences to help you
decide which is the best method for you to use.
Table 20-1 Methods for Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation
CD Package
Viewer requirements
Web browser;
availability at
broadcast time
Media player
PowerPoint or
Retains full fidelity
Can be played back any
Can be edited by viewer No
For more information about these methods for sharing a presentation, see “Broadcast-
ing a Presentation” on page 649, “Turning Your Presentation into a Video” on page 663,
and “Creating a CD Presentation Package” on page 682.
When you’re ready to share your presentation, click the Slide Show tab. In the Start Slide
Show group, click Broadcast Slide Show. The dialog box shown in Figure 20-1 appears. By
default, PowerPoint uses the PowerPoint Broadcast Service, a free service from Microsoft. If
you want to use a different service, such as one hosted by your organization, click Change
Broadcast Service. The server for a broadcast site must have Office Web Apps installed, and
audience members must be granted access to the site.
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