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Chapter 20: PowerPoint 2010 Inside Out
Figure 20-1 After you choose a broadcast service, click Start Broadcast to generate a link to
your broadcast that you can share with others.
Click Start Broadcast to proceed. If you aren’t currently signed in with your Windows Live
ID, you’re prompted to do so. If you don’t have a Windows Live ID, a link takes you to a
page where you can establish one.
Even though you sign in to the PowerPoint Broadcast Service with a password, this free
service does not use an encrypting Internet protocol, making it theoretically possible
for a hacker to view the broadcast. To share presentations securely, you can set up a
secure service using SharePoint to broadcast only to people within your organization.
After you click Start Broadcast and sign in, PowerPoint connects to the broadcast service
and then displays a dialog box with a link that you can share with others. (See Figure 20-2.)
This link is valid only while you are presenting in Slide Show or Presenter view. During that
time, anyone who receives the link, either directly from you or from another person, can
view your broadcast.
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