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Chapter 20: PowerPoint 2010 Inside Out
Figure 20-2 You need a Windows Live ID to start the broadcast, but your viewers need only the
link shown in this dialog box and a live Internet connection.
INSIDE OUT Use a URL shortening service
If you send a link via e-mail or as an instant message, it doesn’t matter how long or
unruly the link is because recipients just need to click it. In some situations, your
audience members have to type the URL, however. This is true if you provide the link by
phone. A more common scenario is when you’re presenting face-to-face to a group,
and you want everyone to view the show on their own portable computers—perhaps
because no projector is available. In these cases, use a URL-shortening service (such
as or, for example) to trim the link to one that you can easily transmit
The next step is to click Start Slide Show in the Broadcast Slide Show dialog box. The
Broadcast tab appears on the ribbon, as shown in Figure 20-3. (In certain configurations, clicking
Start Slide Show starts the presentation in Slide Show view. You can suspend the
presentation and view the Broadcast tab by pressing Esc.)
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