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Chapter 20: PowerPoint 2010 Inside Out
Figure 20-3 Options on the Broadcast tab are similar to those on the Slide Show tab. You can
start the presentation from the first or current slide, change the resolution, and enable Presenter
view. The Broadcast group includes two buttons: one that shows you the link so you can share it
with others (Send Invitations) and one that ends the broadcast.
When you’re ready to begin broadcasting your presentation, use the From Beginning or
From Current Slide command on the Broadcast tab. At that point, the slide appears in
your viewers’ browsers. Until you start the broadcast, people who have clicked the link see
“Waiting for broadcast to begin . . . ” in their browser. You can use either Slide Show or
Presenter view to run your show. (For information about Presenter view, see “Working with
Presenter View” on page 638.)
Presenter view requires a multimonitor setup. This is true even when you’re using
your audience members’ screens as the presentation monitor. If you want to view your
speaker notes and other Presenter view features, you’ll need a second monitor (or, at
the very least, a second video output). If you’re broadcasting from a laptop computer,
you might want to print your presentation notes before you begin. For details, see
“Creating Notes and Handouts” on page 642.
Your viewers can’t see your presentation
If your viewers have trouble seeing your broadcast, verify that they are working with a
compatible browser. Although the broadcast feature does offer cross-platform support,
it hasn’t been fully vetted in all browsers. You can be confident that it works in Internet
Explorer 7 and 8; Firefox 3.5 on Windows, Mac, and Linux; and Safari 4 and 5 for Mac.
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