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Saving and Reusing Slides and Themes
When you broadcast, you lose some presentation features that are available when you use
traditional presentation methods such as a projector or a second monitor. Although you
see the full-featured presentation on your screen, your viewers’ experience differs in the
following ways:
Video and audio (including narration) do not play on audience members’ computers.
All transitions are shown as Fade transitions.
You cannot add annotations or highlighting while broadcasting.
If you click a link on a slide that opens a website, your viewers don’t see the website;
their browser continues to show whatever slide is displayed in PowerPoint.
While you’re broadcasting, your viewers see only the display from Slide Show view. You can
press Esc to exit Slide Show view and go back to Normal view, but your viewers continue
to see the last slide that was displayed in Slide Show view. They see this slide until you pick
another slide to display or end the broadcast.
Saving and Reusing Slides and Themes
Final slides are often the result of a lot of time and effort. It takes just the right balance of
text, graphics, and animation in a slide to make a concept come to life. Whether your slides
contain business proposals, training material, research, or something else altogether, you
might find yourself gravitating toward a certain “look.” One way to reduce development
time on future presentations is to reuse slides and elements you’ve created in the past.
Reusing Slides
While working on a presentation, you can grab slides from a different presentation with
the Reuse Slides pane, shown in Figure 20-4. To open it, click the Home tab, click the arrow
below New Slide, and click Reuse Slides, an option that appears at the bottom of the New
Slide menu. In the Reuse Slides pane, click Browse, Browse File to select the
presentation that contains the slides you want to use in the current presentation. You can then
click thumbnails of the slides in the presentation you selected to insert them in the open
When you insert a slide using the Reuse Slides option, it inherits the theme of the last
selected slide in the current presentation. If you want the reused slides to retain their
original theme, select Keep Source Formatting in the Reuse Slides pane.
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