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Saving and Reusing Slides and Themes
Figure 20-4 Point to any thumbnail in the Reuse Slides pane to see a larger version. Click a
thumbnail to insert it in the open presentation.
Another method of copying slides from one presentation to another is to open both files
and then use the Arrange All option (in the Window group on the View tab) to position the
two windows side by side. Once the presentations are arranged, as shown in Figure 20-5,
select the thumbnails for the slides you want in one presentation and drag them to the
other presentation.
INSIDE OUT Reuse slides stored in a Slide Library
Companies running Microsoft SharePoint with Office 2010 can create a repository for
slides to be shared among team members with appropriate permissions. This repository
is called a Slide Library. Your network administrator (or someone with Design
permissions for SharePoint) needs to set this up. To add slides to the Slide Library, click File,
Save & Send, Publish Slides. When you save a presentation to the Slide Library, each
slide becomes its own file, making it easier to update and reuse the slides in other
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