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Creating Custom Slide Shows
to be available only on request. In this case, you could create a slide that contains your
citations, mark it as hidden, and display it only if an instructor asks to see your sources.
To hide a slide, select it. Then, on the Slide Show tab, click Hide Slide in the Set Up group.
Alternatively, right-click a slide and choose Hide Slide. Figure 20-6 shows three hidden
slides in Slide Sorter view.
Figure 20-6 Hidden slides remain in the presentation, but they aren’t displayed in Slide Show
view. In this figure, slides 3, 5, and 8 are hidden, as indicated by the slashed box over their
Hidden slides let you anticipate audience questions and then stray a little from your agenda
if necessary. In Slide Show view, you can display a hidden slide in any of the following ways:
Type the slide number, and then press Enter.
Right-click, and then choose Go To Slide. A list of slides in your presentation (includ-
ing the number and title of each slide) appears. You can identify hidden slides
because their numbers are enclosed in parentheses. Click the title of the slide you
want to display.
Press Ctrl+S to display the All Slides dialog box, which includes a similar list of slide
numbers and titles. Use the arrow keys to make your selection, and then press Enter.
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