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Defining a Custom Show
For more information about keyboard shortcuts you can use in Slide Show view, see “Navigat-
ing in Slide Show View” on page 636.
Hidden slides print by default. When you print handouts for a presentation that
contains hidden slides, you can prevent the hidden slides from printing by clearing the
Print Hidden Slides option on the Print menu, shown here.
Defining a Custom Show
A custom show offers more flexibility than hiding slides because you can specify which
slides are displayed and in what order. This technique is commonly used by presenters with
agenda slides. Rather than creating five copies of the same agenda slide to display each
time you move to the next agenda item, you can create a custom show that repeats the
slide at five specified points. This approach can reduce file bloat by keeping the number of
slides in the presentation to a minimum.
You define a custom show by using the Custom Slide Show, Custom Shows command on
the Slide Show tab. This command displays the Custom Shows dialog box, where you click
New to create a custom show. Custom shows are based only on the open presentation and
are set up in the Define Custom Show dialog box, shown in Figure 20-7.
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