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Working Collaboratively on a Presentation
Comments are indicated by a small icon that displays the commenter’s initials. (The initials
and the commenter’s name come from settings on the General tab in the Options dialog
box.) To display a comment, simply click it. The full comment appears, as shown in
Figure 20-9. Alternatively, click Next or Previous on the Review tab to cycle through all
comments in your presentation.
Comment indicator
Figure 20-9 You can drag a comment indicator to relocate it on the slide.
Your comments have disappeared
If you know there are comments on a slide, but you don’t see the indicators, be sure
that Show Markup on the Review tab is enabled. Even when Show Markup is turned off,
you can click Next or Previous to view each comment.
When a comment is selected, the Edit Comment option is available. Use this command to
change an existing comment. Use the Delete option to remove the selected comment, all
comments on the slide, or all comments in the presentation.
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