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Merging and Comparing Presentations
Merging and Comparing Presentations
When more than one person works on a version of a presentation, comparing the two
versions can be tedious. One way to compare presentations is to stack them side by side by
using the Arrange All command on the View tab. Unfortunately, this method forces you to
look at each slide and determine where a change was made, if any.
A better alternative is to use the Compare option on the Review tab. Click this option, and
then select another version to merge with the open presentation. The second presentation
is combined with the first presentation, and changes to text and formatting are highlighted
in the Revisions pane, shown in Figure 20-10, along with any comments. (You can hide
or display the Revisions pane by clicking Reviewing Pane in the Compare group on the
Review tab.)
Text edits and comments
Slide additions, slide deletions,
and theme changes
Figure 20-10 Comments are listed by reviewer initials on the Details tab in the Revisions pane.
Using the Compare feature does not create a third file, like the comparable feature in
Word does. Instead, the second file’s differences are merged into the first file. When
you click Save, you overwrite the original file. To preserve an unaltered copy of the
destination file, use Save As before you start to save a copy under a different file name.
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