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Merging and Comparing Presentations
You’ll see revision indicators in the Revisions pane and on the slide. Click any of these
indicators to see a description of the revision. To accept the revision, select the check box next
to it, as shown in Figure 20-11. Alternatively, click Accept in the Compare group on the
Review tab.
Figure 20-11 Click any revision to see the change in greater detail. The change appears on the
slide when you select the check box next to a specific revision.
When you accept a revision, you haven’t yet committed to the change. Until you end the
review, you can clear the check box or click Reject to undo your acceptance. Note also that
the Compare group on the Review tab, shown next, has some additional options that are
available during a review. By clicking the arrow next to Accept or Reject, you can accept
or reject all revisions for the current slide or all revisions for the entire presentation. If you
completely trust (or distrust) your reviewers, these options make quick work of the review
process. If you want to take a more methodical approach, click Next or Previous to step
through each change.
After you complete your review, click End Review. Doing so stops the review process and
closes the Revisions pane, discarding all revisions that you did not accept.
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