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Laying the Groundwork for an Expert Presentation
INSIDE OUT Merge and compare more than two presentations
Unfortunately, the Compare feature allows comparison of only two presentations at a
time. However, it’s often the case that you have a version for each team member
working on the presentation. To merge multiple presentations, you must use the Compare
option repeatedly. Open the first presentation and compare it with the second. After
you accept or reject each change, end the review. Then click Compare again, and this
time choose the third version. Continue this way until you’ve merged and compared
all versions.
Laying the Groundwork for an Expert Presentation
Regardless of your audience or the presentation content, most presentations have one goal
in common: a consistent look and feel from slide to slide. Like a professionally decorated
room, great presentations give the audience a sense of low, with harmonious touches that
help connect the content on each slide to the greater whole of the presentation.
This consistency is controlled by masters (slide masters, handout masters, and notes
masters). You can access each from the Master Views group on the View tab.
Customizing the Slide Master
Slide masters control the layout and formatting of slides in your presentation and are
therefore a critical component in achieving a consistent appearance. It’s on the slide master
where you define the default settings for every slide in the presentation—including the
background, colors, fonts, effects, and placeholder sizes and positions. Figure 20-12 shows
a typical Slide Master view.
On a slide master, you can add your company logo or a picture of your school mascot.
When you create your slides, the image appears in the same location on each slide.
As you can see in Figure 20-12, the Slide Master tab appears when you click Slide Master
on the View tab. Use this tab to work with theme settings and to add or remove slide
masters or slide layouts. The other tabs (such as Insert, for inserting a logo or another graphic,
and Home, for applying text formatting) remain available.
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