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Backstage View in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Figure 3-1 Click File to open Office Backstage view, which consolidates information and tasks
related to the current file in a series of tabs arrayed along the left side.
The basic arrangement of Office Backstage view is similar in each of the five programs we
cover in this topic. The choices available along the left side vary slightly, depending on the
Backstage View in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
For Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the choices along the left side of Backstage view are
identical, although the details on each tab vary from program to program.
Save, Save As, Open, Close
A group of four indented options—Save, Save As, Open, and Close—allow you to perform
core file-management tasks for the current document. The indentation indicates that these
options don’t use the Backstage view area to the right; instead, if necessary, the program
opens a common Save As or Open dialog box and allows you to interact with the Windows
file system.
The other indented choice in Backstage view is Options, which also opens a separate dialog
box rather than displaying its choices in Backstage view. For more on this choice, see “Adjust-
ing Program Options” on page 67.
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