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Laying the Groundwork for an Expert Presentation
Hover over a master to see which slides in your presentation use that layout
Figure 20-12 Slide Master view shows several layout masters. The top master is the slide master,
which holds the design elements for the entire presentation. The indented masters define
formatting and design elements for each of the theme’s available layouts.
Working with slide masters requires a mild learning curve, which probably stems from
having to think of the presentation as one object and not as a collection of individual slides.
Once you get past this learning curve, slide masters save you time because changes you
make on them affect all slides you add later. For example, you use a slide master to define
the theme for the presentation. Of course, you can overwrite these design settings in
Normal view; on the slide master you’re merely setting the presentation defaults.
Under the slide master, the indented thumbnails show layout variants based on the theme
and other characteristics of the slide master. For example, an image you add to the slide
master appears on all slides in the presentation, whereas an image you add to a slide layout
appears only when that layout is applied to a slide.
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