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Creating a Custom Layout
If you’re thinking about modifying the slide master, do so before you create your
presentation slides to ensure that every slide matches the slide master settings. If you edit
the slide masters after you’ve done some editing in the presentation, the new master
slide settings might not carry over. Whether the revised slide master settings prevail
depends on several conditions that, practically speaking, make it somewhat
unpredictable. If you find that your slides aren’t using newly applied master slide formats, try
using the Reset Slide option on the Home tab in Normal view.
To avoid this problem and make creating presentations easier in the future, make your
changes to the slide master and layouts, and then save the presentation as a template.
INSIDE OUT Use more than one theme in a single presentation
When you apply a design theme to a presentation, it affects all slides. It’s the best and
worst thing about PowerPoint. What if you want to use two design themes in the same
presentation? (Despite the desire for consistency within a presentation, this is not an
uncommon requirement. For example, it’s useful when you have several topics in your
presentation and you want to differentiate each topic, perhaps with a colored bar down
the side or “tab” indicators along the top of each slide.)
You can do this with slide masters. Simply add a second slide master to your
presentation in Slide Master view. (On the Slide Master tab, click Insert Slide Master.) Apply a
different theme to each slide master, or make other changes. Then, in Normal view,
apply the layout with the theme you want by choosing it from the gallery that appears
when you click New Slide or Slide Layout in the Slides group on the Home tab.
Creating a Custom Layout
Each design theme has its own set of layouts. Some good; some you’ll never use. You often
end up picking a layout that provides the closest match for what you need and then move
things around a bit. Your time might be better spent customizing layouts with placeholders
where they’ll be used most often.
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