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Creating a Custom Layout
To create a custom layout, in Slide Master view, click Insert Layout on the Slide Master tab.
A basic layout with a title placeholder (and little else) appears. Add placeholders by clicking
Insert Placeholder on the Slide Master tab to display the gallery of placeholder types shown
in Figure 20-13. Select a placeholder, and then drag on the layout to position it.
Figure 20-13 Add placeholders to custom slide layouts so you can easily insert content when
you create a presentation—just as you can with the themes included with PowerPoint.
Unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn’t do a great job of naming layouts you create. The first
layout you create is named “Custom Layout.” Subsequent layouts are assigned names with
numbers in front, like “1_Custom Layout.”
It’s a good idea to give your custom layouts meaningful names while you’re still working
in Slide Master view. Select a layout thumbnail and click Rename in the Edit Master group
on the Slide Master tab. Alternatively, right-click the thumbnail and choose Rename Layout
from the shortcut menu. This simple step makes finding the layout you need much easier
while you’re working in Normal view. (If you still have trouble locating your layouts,
consider deleting the default layouts you don’t use or using all capital letters when you rename
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