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Customizing Other Masters
INSIDE OUT Use a customized slide master in other presentations
Customizing a slide master takes work, although not nearly as much work as
customizing every slide in a deck. The changes you make apply only to the current presentation.
To make a customized slide master available for other presentations, save the
presentation as a template by clicking File, Save & Send, Change File Type, Template. Then, to
use your new template, click File, New, My Templates, and open a new presentation
based on the template you created.
Customizing Other Masters
When customizing your presentation masters, you’ll probably spend most of your time in
Slide Master view. But there are two other master views you can work with: Handout Master
and Notes Master.
These views, which are used primarily for printed output, offer fewer options for
customization. Unlike with slide masters, you can’t add content placeholders to either handouts or
notes, but you can add items like headers, footers, page numbers, and slide thumbnails.
The available options appear on the tab for each type of master, as shown in Figures 20-14
and 20-15.
Figure 20-14 On the Handout Master tab, you can specify the orientation for printed handouts
and for the slides on each handout.
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