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Creating a Photo Album with PowerPoint
Figure 20-15 On the Notes Master tab, you select which items you want to print on each page.
INSIDE OUT Make More Room for Your Notes
The downside to the notes page is that the slide image takes up nearly half of the
printed page. But, if you reduce the size of the slide image (just as you would make
any other image smaller), you can increase the size available for your notes. Be careful
here. If you later remove and then add the “Body” element back in, it comes back at its
default size, and you’ll have to resize it again.
For details about printing handouts and notes, see “Creating Notes and Handouts” on page 642.
Creating a Photo Album with PowerPoint
Remember the days when you sat on the living room floor with hundreds of vacation
photos in front of you and stuck them, one by one, onto the pages of a bound photo album?
Can you still hear the plastic cover peeling back from the glue on the pages? That was back
when you had to develop and print photos to see the results of your efforts. You had to
print doubles if you wanted to share your photos with others.
Now you can create electronic photo albums that display your pictures much like those old
albums did, except they’re far easier to share. You can use these electronic albums to
document birthday parties and family vacations, but they’re not just for personal use. Photo
albums also work well to document the progress of a project or to show a sequence of
before and after photos.
The Photo Album feature in PowerPoint creates a new presentation that includes the
photos you want. Although you can achieve the same results by creating a presentation with
File, New, it’s quicker and easier with Photo Album. Instead of creating a presentation,
inserting a slide for each picture, inserting each picture individually, and then adding titles
and captions, the Photo Album feature performs the entire process with a single dialog box,
which is shown in Figure 20-16.
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