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Creating a Photo Album with PowerPoint
Figure 20-16 Use the Photo Album dialog box to select your photos, retouch them as necessary,
and define the slide layout.
To create a Photo Album, follow these steps:
1. On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click Photo Album. The Photo Album dialog
box shown in Figure 20-16 appears.
2. Click File/Disk to open the Insert New Pictures dialog box, which is nearly identical
to the standard Open dialog box. Select the picture (or pictures) you want, and then
click Insert.
INSIDE OUT Insert pictures the easy way
You can do a couple of things to expedite this step. First, put all the pictures you want
to use in a single folder. Second, instead of selecting a single picture file, clicking Insert,
and then clicking File/Disk to insert another, select multiple files in the Insert New
Pictures dialog box. To do that, click the first picture file, and then Shift+click the last
picture file in the sequence to select them all. If the files you want are not contiguous,
press Ctrl as you click each file name.
3. Click New Text Box for each text box you want to include. Each text box you insert
takes the place of a picture in the layout. You might want one for each picture or one
for each slide, for example. (You enter the text for each text box in Normal view after
the photo album is created.)
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