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Inserting Action Buttons
create a document. For example, if you’re creating a slide deck with information about your
company’s products, you can lead the viewer to more information by embedding links to
your company’s website or to another slide with additional information. To create a
hyperlink, start by selecting the text or object you’re linking from, click the Insert tab, and then
click Hyperlink. That opens the Insert Hyperlink dialog, shown in Figure 20-19.
Figure 20-19 If you click Place In This Document, you can create a link to any slide or to any
custom show saved as part of the current presentation.
INSIDE OUT Create a linked custom show
Inserting a link to a custom show allows you to create dynamic agenda slides on which
each agenda item is linked to a custom show. You can also incorporate “one-off”
custom shows that you can launch via a hyperlink if topics off the agenda come up during
the course of the presentation. For more information about custom shows, see “Dein-
ing a Custom Show” on page 659.
For more information about inserting hyperlinks, see “Entering Hyperlinks” on page 119.
Inserting Action Buttons
Action buttons are specific shapes with defined hyperlinks that allow you to jump to
specific slides in a presentation. In this way, action buttons are similar to hyperlinks—but you
can do much more with an action button.
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