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Inserting Action Buttons
INSIDE OUT Use action settings to create hot spots
A hot spot is an area on an image that is linked to another slide or a website. For
example, in a group photo, you might define a hot spot around each person that displays
that person’s contact information when the hot spot is clicked. You could take it a step
further by adding the person’s name as a ScreenTip.
As another example, on a map of the United States, you could create a hot spot in each
time zone; clicking the hot spot takes the viewer to a slide with information about that
region of the country, such as a radio or television broadcast schedule. To do that,
follow these steps:
1. Insert a shape. For this example, insert a rectangle that’s slightly larger than the
Central Time zone.
2. To make the hot spot invisible, use options on the Format tab under Drawing
Tools to remove both the ill and outline color.
3. Use Edit Shape, Edit Points on the Format tab to set the shape’s points to roughly
correspond to the time zone borders, as shown here.
For information about inserting a shape, formatting it, and editing points, see
“Adding Shapes and Text Boxes” on page 175.
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