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Embedding Fonts in a Presentation File
4. Select the shape, and on the Insert tab, click Action. In the Action Settings dialog
box, select Hyperlink To, select Slide, and select the slide about the Central Time
To test your handiwork, open the slide in Slide Show view. You won’t be able to see the
shape that defines the hot spot area, but when you click it, PowerPoint should jump to
the specified slide.
Embedding Fonts in a Presentation File
An issue we often see is presentation text that looks fine until it’s displayed on a different
computer. This typically happens when the computers you’re using don’t have the same
sets of fonts. A way to prevent text from looking different on other computers is to embed
the fonts a presentation uses into the file.
To embed fonts in your presentation, click File, Options. In the PowerPoint Options
dialog box, click the Save tab, and select Embed Fonts In The File, as shown in Figure 20-22.
Selecting this option embeds each OpenType and TrueType font that’s used in the
presentation. (Other font types, such as PostScript and printer fonts, can’t be embedded.)
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