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Playing Music Behind Your Slides
Figure 20-22 Under Embed Fonts In The File, select the first option if the presentation will be
viewed on other computers; select the second option if it will be edited on another computer.
Be sure the fonts you plan to embed don’t have any license restrictions that might
prevent them from being embedded. When embedded, some fonts allow printing and
viewing but not editing. Other fonts allow full use when embedded, and still others
don’t allow embedding at all. To determine whether a particular font can be
embedded, open the Fonts folder in Control Panel, right-click the font (an individual font, not
a font family), and choose Properties. On the Details tab, check the Font Embeddability
Playing Music Behind Your Slides
Some presentations—particularly photo montages—don’t require narration and can benefit
from a musical accompaniment. You can apply music (or other recorded audio) to a series
of slides or to an entire presentation. Along with a snappy Office theme, adding music can
really enhance an otherwise snooze-inducing photo album of vacation snapshots.
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