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Playing Music Behind Your Slides
Although digital rights management (DRM) technologies that prevent copying music
tracks are largely disappearing in favor of DRM-free formats like MP3, be aware that
most recorded music is protected by copyright. A roomful of lawyers (probably with
no two of them agreeing) could explain how copyright law applies to music used in
PowerPoint presentations, but understand that legal minefields abound, particularly if
your presentation will be posted to the Internet or presented in anything resembling a
“public performance.”
To set up background music, begin by inserting the audio file on the slide where you want
the music to start playing. (On the Insert tab, click Audio, Audio From File.) After inserting
the audio object, select it and click the Playback tab under Audio Tools. Select Hide During
Show, and then select Play Across Slides in the Start box.
In Slide Show view, the audio starts playing automatically when you display the slide where
you inserted the audio file.
INSIDE OUT Hide the audio icon
If the icon for the audio object gets in your way while you’re editing in Normal view,
drag it off the slide into the gray area on the side.
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