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What’s in an Outlook Profile?
Figure 21-1 The top two choices in this dialog box apply to the default Outlook profile. Click
Show Profiles to add, change, or delete a profile.
Clicking E-Mail Accounts or Data Files allows you to change those settings for the default
profile. Click Show Profiles to display the profile manager shown in Figure 21-2.
Figure 21-2 Options in this profile manager enable you to specify which profile is used by
default or to choose a new profile at startup.
Click Add to kick off a wizard that is virtually identical to the Outlook startup wizard,
allowing you to build your new profile by filling in the blanks. The Remove button deletes all
settings for the selected profile—irrevocably and immediately. Click Properties to change
e-mail account and data file settings for the selected profile without opening Outlook. Click
Copy to duplicate the selected profile so that you can experiment with settings while
maintaining your option to roll back to the original settings.
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