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What’s in an Outlook Profile?
Profiles are stored on a per-user basis in the Windows registry, under the key HKCU\
Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\
Profiles. Although it’s theoretically possible to make changes to a profile by editing the
registry manually, we strongly advise against it. The individual settings are complex
and not fully documented, and the risk of unexpected consequences is too high in our
opinion. Instead, use the profile manager from Control Panel.
INSIDE OUT Make it easy to switch between profiles
You cannot switch to a different profile within Outlook. If you maintain two or more
Outlook profiles that you use regularly, you can configure Outlook so you have the
opportunity to select a profile each time you start up. In the profile manager, under the
heading When Starting Microsoft Outlook, Use This Profile, select Prompt For A Profile
To Be Used. Click OK, and then restart Outlook to open the Choose Profile dialog box,
shown here, where you can select from the Profile Name list or even create a new
profile on the fly.
To set the selected profile as the default, click Set As Default Profile at the bottom of
the dialog box before clicking OK. If this check box is hidden, click the Options button
at the right to reveal the Options section.
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