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Outlook Items
E-Mail Messages
Incoming messages open in a window that contains a single tab with commands for acting
on that message. For most common actions—responding to the sender, filing the message,
tagging it for follow-up, or deleting it—you’ll find commands on the Message tab (shown
here) to be sufficient.
Message header
Attachment box
Message body
People pane
When you’re creating a message to send to other recipients, the editing window includes
a much richer set of commands. We cover this interface in more detail later in this chapter;
see “Creating, Sending, and Receiving Messages” on page 729.
For details on how to preview, open, or save file attachments, see “Working Safely with
File Attachments” on page 820. We describe the People pane in more detail in “Using Outlook
Social Connector and the People Pane” on page 807.
Appointments are items in your Outlook calendar that have a start and end time but
don’t involve scheduling and coordination with other people or resources. If you select
the All Day Event check box, the Start Time and End Time boxes are unavailable and the
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