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Backstage View in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
INSIDE OUT Use the Print option to convert documents, too
The Print tab in Backstage view isn’t limited to physical printers. You’ll also find
virtual printers here that allow you to “print” a document without using a single sheet
of paper. If you’ve set up the Windows Fax feature, you can click Fax to save an image
of the printout in the background in Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) and send it to a
remote fax device. Use the Microsoft XPS Document Writer to save to files in the XML
Paper Specification (XPS) format, which can be viewed using the XPS Viewer in
Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Send To OneNote 2010 driver creates a resizable image
of what your printout would look like and then pastes it into the OneNote notebook
you designate (a topic we cover more fully in “Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures,
Clippings, and More” on page 495). Third-party programs can add entries here as well, as
Adobe’s Acrobat does in creating a virtual printer for the Adobe PDF format.
Save & Send
Click Save & Send to access options for sending all or part of a document via e-mail and
saving files in file storage locations on the web or on a local network. This tab, shown in
Figure 3-3, also includes shortcuts for saving a file in PDF or XPS format or sending it as an
Internet Fax.
Figure 3-3 Options on the Save & Send tab in Office Backstage view allow you to send
documents via e-mail and save them in alternate formats or locations.
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