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Figure 21-3 Information about invitees and attendees appears on the Meeting tab and in the
People pane below the item itself.
For more about how to create and manage appointments and meetings, see “Managing
Your Calendar” on page 723.
INSIDE OUT Meeting requests work with outsiders, too
Outlook’s tools for managing meetings work best on corporate networks, where
coworkers can use the Scheduling Assistant to pick a time that’s most likely to work
with everyone’s schedule. But even families and one-person shops can use meeting
requests to good advantage. Invitees who use Outlook can accept the meeting request,
which automatically adds the meeting to their own calendar and sends a response to
the meeting organizer. If any invitee needs to make a change to the meeting schedule,
they can send an update to the organizer, avoiding scheduling snafus. The key to using
meeting requests under these circumstances is for all parties involved to get in the
habit of sending responses to meeting requests so that everyone’s calendar is properly
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