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If your productivity depends on to-do lists, you’ll use Task items frequently. You might
never need to open the Tasks folder, however, because all these items are available as you
read your e-mail, in the Task List section of the To-Do Bar, to the right of the contents pane.
You’ll also find a daily task list in Day and Week views of your calendar.
A task, such as the one shown here, can have start dates and due dates, and you can attach
reminders to each item as well. As with other Outlook items, you can include a full range
of formatting and objects in the notes section, below the header. In the task shown here,
we’ve used a command on the Insert tab to create a table in the notes section.
For more on how to attach alarms and deadlines to tasks, see “Setting Follow-up Flags and
Reminders” on page 771.
Items in the Notes folder are unlike any other Outlook item type. Clicking the New Note
button on the Home tab opens an editing window that resembles the yellow sticky notes
that are ubiquitous in offices. You can type or paste text into a note (including hyperlinks,
which are clickable), but you can’t format that text directly, nor can you paste any non-text
object, such as a picture, into a note.
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