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Backstage View in OneNote and Outlook
For a more detailed discussion of options included on the Save & Send tab, see “Sharing Your
Work in PDF and Other Formats” on page 95 and “How SharePoint and Office Work Together”
on page 864.
The final tab, Help, provides access to the usual assortment of online reference information
(which we cover later in this section), plus links to technical support, program options, and
product information such as the installed version and activation status.
For the ins and outs of installing, updating, and activating Office, see Chapter 2, “Installing
and Updating Microsoft Office 2010.”
Backstage View in OneNote and Outlook
In OneNote and Outlook, the options available in Office Backstage view are different,
primarily because these programs aren’t predicated on creating and saving individual files.
Both programs include a trio of tabs in common with their Office-mates: Info, Print, and
In OneNote, the Info tab includes buttons that allow you to adjust settings for any open
notebook and to view sync status. The contents of the Info tab in Outlook vary depending
on whether you click File in the main Outlook window or after opening an individual item.
In the main Outlook window, this tab provides access to e-mail account settings, cleanup
tools, automatic replies, and rules and alerts, as shown in Figure 3-4. The Info pane for an
individual item includes options appropriate to that item, including the option to view
properties, set permissions, and move an item to another folder.
For a full discussion of how to manage e-mail account settings in Outlook, see “Setting Up
Mail Accounts” on page 707.
Print options in Outlook are dramatically simpler than in the three document-centric
programs, and OneNote print options are downright spartan, with only two buttons, Print
and Print Preview, on the tab. The Help tab offers information and settings similar to those
found in the other programs.
In the main Outlook window, Backstage view also includes an Open tab that provides basic
tools for opening calendars and data files and for importing files, settings, and RSS feeds.
This option is not available in the Info pane for a window containing an Outlook item.
OneNote includes Open, New, and Save As tabs that are designed to handle the program’s
unique file-management challenges, which can’t be handled in the Windows Open and
Save As dialog boxes. Figure 3-5 shows the Save As tab, with its range of options for saving
pages, sections, or entire notebooks in a variety of formats.
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