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Figure 3-9 When you use the Save Current Theme option at the bottom of this gallery, your new
theme is saved in the Custom section at the top.
INSIDE OUT Add a gallery to the Quick Access Toolbar
Although the most obvious use of the Quick Access Toolbar is to save shortcuts to
individual commands, you can also use this slim strip of screen real estate to save shortcuts
to entire galleries. The gallery appears on the Quick Access Toolbar as an icon with a
small black arrow to its right; click the icon to display the gallery’s contents in a visual
list, just as it would appear had you switched to the appropriate tab and unfurled the
gallery directly. To add a gallery to the Quick Access Toolbar, right-click the main
command button for the gallery, and then click Add To Quick Access Toolbar. If you
rightclick within the gallery itself, the command is Add Gallery To Quick Access Toolbar. The
effect is the same either way.
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