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Personalizing the Ribbon
You can use small icons without labels for all commands within a custom group. To
do so, right-click the group name in the Tabs list and choose Hide Command Labels.
INSIDE OUT A roundabout way to rearrange commands
As we note here, the option to rearrange commands is not available within default
groups on a built-in tab. But you can accomplish the same goal if you’re willing to
make it a multistep process. Start by creating a custom tab using the same name as the
one you want to clone (your copy is identified by the Custom label after it). Rename
the default custom group that’s created to match the name of the first group you want
the tab to contain. Next, choose All Tabs from the list above the left column. In that list,
select the first command from the first group on the tab you want to clone, and then
click Add. Continue clicking Add until you’ve created a clone of the existing group.
Repeat this process for each additional group and tab, and then use the basic
customization tools to remove unwanted commands and adjust the order of other commands.
Hide or remove the built-in tab or group and move your custom clone to its position.
If you find that you’ve made a mess of the ribbon and you want to start over, click the
Reset button beneath the Tabs list. The two options here allow you to reset changes for a
single tab or remove all customizations. Beware, though: the latter option resets the Quick
Access Toolbar as well!
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