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Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
To add commands that aren’t readily available, or to rearrange the order of commands, you
need to open the dialog box shown in Figure 3-13. Right-click the Quick Access Toolbar or
the ribbon, and then click Customize Quick Access Toolbar. Or click the arrow to the right
of the Quick Access Toolbar and select More Commands. (You can also reach this location
from Office Backstage view: click File, click Options, and then select the Quick Access
Toolbar tab.)
Figure 3-13 Pick commands from the list on the left and add them to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Separators help group related commands together.
You work with items in this dialog box using the same tools and techniques as for
personalizing the ribbon, except with fewer options. Filter the list of commands on the left to locate
those you want to add. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order of
commands, and use the Separator item liberally to arrange commands in groups that are
easier to remember and locate.
To remove all your customizations and start fresh, click the Reset button at the bottom of
the dialog box, and then click Reset Only Quick Access Toolbar. As for the second option,
Reset All Customizations, we offer the same caution here as we did with respect to the
ribbon. This option is an all-or-nothing choice, resetting every change you’ve made to both
the ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar. If you’re experimenting, you’ll want to back up your
settings regularly so that you can restore them easily after a full reset.
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