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Adjusting Program Options
Second, you can customize the information displayed on the status bar by right-clicking the
status bar and clearing or selecting items on the list of available options. Figure 3-15 shows
the customization options available for Excel.
Figure 3-15 In the Customize Status Bar menu, the check marks indicate items that are currently
available for display on the status bar.
Adjusting Program Options
Clicking Options in Office Backstage view in any program opens a tabbed dialog box that
gives you access to a sometimes overwhelming set of options for that program. Many of
the options are program-specific, but others represent shared features or similar ways of
handling the same general task. In this section, we concentrate on the most useful common
features you’re likely to find in these dialog boxes.
Without exception, the first tab in the Options dialog box for each program is General.
Here, you’ll find options to disable the Mini toolbar and Live Preview—which some Office
users find more annoying than helpful.
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