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Adjusting Program Options
The General tab is also where you set the default font for Excel workbooks (shown here)
and OneNote documents.
Several of the options available on the General tab actually apply to all Office programs
when selected. If you choose the Blue or Black color scheme in lieu of the default Silver, the
new theme is applied to all Office programs. Similarly, when you change the values in the
User Name box in Excel, your changes are also reflected in Word and PowerPoint.
The Proofing tab contains settings for the spelling check feature used in Word, Excel,
OneNote, and PowerPoint. (Outlook uses the same spelling check engine as Word; thus, any
customizations you make in that program are reflected in the e-mail editor.) This tab is also
where you’ll find settings that control how AutoCorrect works. Although this feature is most
commonly associated with Word, the core features are actually available in Excel,
PowerPoint, and OneNote as well.
For an explanation of how AutoCorrect can save you time and keystrokes and how to use it in
Word and elsewhere, see “Entering Boilerplate and Other Oft-Used Text” on page 116.
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