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The Name Manager: Where They’re All Ar-ranged
dollar signs. And that’s because the range name
would always mean N7—no
matter where it’s copied.
The Name Manager: Where They’re All Ar-ranged
If your worksheet has many named ranges—and take it from me, it can—you’ll find them
all listed and inventoried in the Name Manager. You get there by clicking the Formulas tab,
and choosing Name Manager from the Defined Names button group. Continuing with the
preceding example, the Name Manager will look like Figure 4–38.
Figure 4–38. The Name Manger. Note the range coordinates indicated for the range Ann, which has been
All the workbook range names are cataloged (along with names of any tables, which we
haven’t discussed yet; that’s coming up in Chapter ). You can edit the cell coordinates
of any range by clicking its name in the list and typing new cell references in the Refers to:
area. And by clicking the Edit… button, you’ll be brought to a dialog box in which you
can change the name of an existing range (see Figure 4–39).
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