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Figure 4–39. Misspelled it? Call the range Anne instead.
And by clicking the New… button you’ll be brought to the same New Name dialog box
shown earlier when you clicked the Define Name button—so that’s still one more way to
initiate a new range name.
There’s one more feature of the Name Manager you may want to know about: its ability to
let you delete range names. Click the Delete button (or press the Delete key on your
keyboard) on any range name in the list and you’ll spark a prompt that asks if you’re
sure you want to go ahead. Click OK and the name will disappear. But don’t worry—the
data in the range remains in its cells—you’ve only deleted the range name.
Call it number crunching or whatever you please—but however you characterize it,
knowing how to write formulas and deploy Excel functions takes you to the heart of the
spreadsheet enterprise. The more you know about Excel’s capabilities, the more you’ll
be able to do with your spreadsheets, and while acquiring that knowledge takes a bit of
practice, the investment should pay off. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll come to
realize there isn’t much you can’t do with Excel.
Next you’ll see how to make all those numbers look good by learning about Excel’s
many formatting features. Just turn the page, and you’ll see how to give your data a
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