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Changing the Font Size
Changing the Font Size
In much the same way, you can change the font size of the data. Just select your range
and click the down arrow alongside the font size field (currently showing the default 11
points), and click the desired size.
NOTE: Remember that if you want all the cells in the worksheet to acquire the same new font
size, you can click the Select All button. Once all the worksheet cells are selected, enter the new
size. If you want to change the font for all the cells in a particular row, click its row header; all
the cells will be selected. To do the same to a column, click its heading.
Note, on the other hand, that the Font drop-down menu lists 11-, 12-, and 14-point sizes,
but not 13. That’s not a matter of superstition; rather, it’s because Excel simply lists
commonly used font sizes. If you really want your range to display 13- or 17-point-sized
data, you can do the following:
Click in the font size field.
Type the size you want, as shown in
Figure 5–5.
Figure 5–5. Unlisted number: Entering a 17-point font
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