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Adding a Border
All Borders draws borders around all the
selected cells. This option can be
particularly useful for emphasizing a
particular group of cells (see Figure 5–12).
Figure 5–12. We’ve got you covered: The All Borders
option surrounds all the selected cells’ borders with
Outside Borders limns a border around the
perimeter of a range of cells, not individual
cell borders. It’s effective for singling out a
range of cells for emphasis (see Figure 5–13.
Figure 5–13. The Outside Borders option
You’ll want to know about the No Border option, too, which removes borders around
selected cells if you decide they’re no longer needed:
Just select cells exhibiting the borders.
Click No Border, and the borders will vanish.
If you’re wondering why you couldn’t simply click the Undo button to achieve the same
result, you could—maybe. Remember that Undo works in sequence, and if you decide
you want to remove some cell borders well after you’ve drawn them, you’ll have to undo
all the commands you’ve executed in between, too.
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