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Adding Color to Your Cells
Use this option when you want to impart emphasis to selected cells. Note that the color
you see right beneath the pail icon (the color underlining the pail) is the current fill default
color—the color that will appear in the selected cells if you click the Fill Color button
instead of its drop-down arrow. And if you want to turn off the current fill color tinting
any cell(s), just select the cells in question and click the No Fill option.
NOTE: If you’re artistically inclined, you can devise subtler shadings with the More Colors…
option, which when clicked lets you modulate color values and produce exactly the hue you
The Font Color button, represented by the A, changes the color of the data in the selected
cells. It too sports a drop-down menu exhibiting the same color options displayed in the
Fill Color menu, as shown in Figure 5–16.
Figure 5–16. The Font Color drop-down menu. The Automatic option represents the default font color, black.
Just select your cells and click away.
NOTE: The Automatic option, when clicked, returns the cells’ font color to the operative default
color, black.
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