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Changing Vertical Alignment
Thus, if you’ve entered values, the buttons
will bring about the kinds of results shown
in Figure 5–22.
Figure 5–22. Right, left, and centered values
Keep in mind that many people like to
center values down a column, enjoying the
symmetrical effect that centered data
brings. But you may want to think about
that decision, because if your data
contains values of different lengths you
can wind up with something like what’s
shown in Figure 5–23.
Figure 5–23. Out of whack: What centered values can
look like
You see the problem—but it’s your call.
Changing Vertical Alignment
The next set of buttons, Top, Middle, and Bottom Align do something more exotic (see
Figure 5–24).
Figure 5–24. The vertical alignment buttons
They let you align data vertically, enabling
you realize the kind of effect shown in
Figure 5–25.
Figure 5–25. The sky’s the limit with the Top Align
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