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Changing Data Orientation
Figure 5–28. Everybody’s got an angle: The Orientation drop-down menu
These options are pretty cool, but need to
be used judiciously, as they reposition the
data at severe angles. Select a cell and try
the various orientations. You’ll get some
pretty striking results, which can work with
both text and values. Just make sure that
your audience will be happy to see a value
that looks like Figure 5–29, for example.
Figure 5–29. That number—433—can still be used in
That’s 433, and appearances to the contrary, that value is lodged in only one cell. All you
need do to achieve this effect is select the cell(s), and select the Vertical Text option
(shown previously in Figure 5–28).
The last drop-down option, Format Cell Alignment, will deliver you to the same Format Cells
dialog box shown earlier—only this time the Alignment tab is pushed to the foreground,
as shown in Figure 5–30.
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