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Adding a Title with Merge and Center
Adding a Title with Merge and Center
The final alignment option, Merge and Center, provides a set of suboptions in its
dropdown menu, as shown in Figure 5–35.
Figure 5–35. Merge and Center: Getting cells together
Merge and Center was devised to solve an old spreadsheet problem. Say you have a
worksheet that currently looks like Figure 5–36.
Figure 5–36. Want that title to be centered among the month names? Stay tuned.
What if you want the Yearly Sales Totals title to be centered across the 12 months?
Here’s how to do it:
Say the month names you see in the screenshot span the range A2:L2
(remember, you can enter these names using the fill handle), and that
the title Yearly Sales Totals appears in cell A1. Select cells A1:L1—that
is, the range directly above all the months, in the row containing the
phrase Yearly Sales Totals.
Now click the Merge and Center button directly (no need to activate the
drop-down menu), and you’ll see what’s shown in Figure 5–37.
Figure 5–37. Middle ground: The title is precisely centered above the months.
Merge and Center does two things:
It combines, or merges, all the selected cells into one megacell.
It then centers the text across it.
This option spares you the challenge of figuring out exactly where to find the center
point above the months.
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